Little Tiger Cubs

David Clark Tae Kwon-do Schools proud to announce the expansion of our new Little Tiger Cubs training programme, designed specifically for children age 3 to 5 years.

The training programme is a mixture of simple training exercises and games designed to assist in the physical development, improved health and increased fitness of each child.

The programme will encourage the development of motor skills, balance, endurance,flexibility, strength, and the coordination of eye, hand and foot.

Through this development, each child should find greater self-confidence and self-esteem.

Our reward system will lead to each child becoming appreciative of the concept of reward coming after effort.

As well as an improvement in fitness, health and confidence, the programme will educate each child to appreciate the importance of mutual respect, non-discrimination, to maintain a positive outlook, to avoid conflict, self control, the importance of team-work, and to accept responsibility.

As part of the overall education, advice on how to avoid and or deal with bullying is important.

The importance of being aware of the potential dangers from strangers will also be emphasised.

Simple skills and advice on basic self protection and care will be taught to reinforce t

he advice given by parents or guardians.

The Little Tiger Cubs programme has been designed to support and complement the education and guidance provided by parents, nursery teachers, school teachers and child protection organisations.

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To request a free trial lesson at one of our clubs simply call the number associated with the club you wish to join.

Class sizes will be strictly limited - Book early to avoid disappointment.

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